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Mother’s Diet May Reduce Child’s Allergies


Peanuts and milk consumed during pregnancy reduced asthma and allergy in children A team of researchers recently found that milk, wheat and peanuts eaten during pregnancy were associated with decreased rates of asthma and allergy in children. “Talk to your…Read More

Docs oppose retail-based clinics for kids’ care

Pediatricians’ group says retail-based clinics are not ideal for providing regular, permanent care for kids’ health issues. The AAP policy statement opposes the use of retail-based clinics for kids’ regular health care Pediatricians say their expertise and the medical home…Read More

U.S. drivers take eyes off the road 10 percent of the time


BETHESDA, Md., Jan. 1 (UPI) — For 10 percent of the time U.S. drivers are behind the wheel their eyes are off the road due to eating, reaching for the phone or texting, researchers say. Study co-author Bruce Simons-Morton of…Read More

Oral Treatment for Peanut Allergy a Possibility

Peanut allergy oral immunotherapy therapy successful in new study of children in the UK January 29, 2014 / Author: Morgan Jones / Reviewed by: Joseph V. Madia, MD Beth Bolt, RPh (dailyRx News) For parents of children with peanut allergies,…Read More

Lower Obesity Rates Due to Better Diets, Not Economy: Study

A recent leveling of obesity rates in the United States isn’t due to the bad economy, but the result of better eating habits that Americans began to adopt about 10 years ago, a new report says. Some experts have suggested…Read More

Researchers Identify Primary Factors Responsible For Preschool Obesity


A lack of adequate sleep, having parents with high body mass index (BMI), and having their eating habits restricted for weight control purposes are the three most significant risk factors when it comes to childhood obesity for preschoolers, according to…Read More

Last News


Winter Storm – Thursday Feb 18th

In an abundance of caution, based on the projected snowfall, the Children’s Medical Group of Greenwich office is closed today.  As always, if you have any concerns, please call our office and speak with the on-call doctor: 203-661-2440.  Stay warm and…Read More


Winter Storm Update – Tuesday, Feb 2nd

Due to the inclement weather, and with the safety of our patients and team of great importance to us, Children’s Medical Group of Greenwich will remain closed until 2 pm Tuesday, February 2nd. Someone from our office will contact you…Read More

Winter Storm – Monday, Feb 1st

Due to the predicted snow storm, Children’s Medical Group of Greenwich will not open on Monday morning February 1st. The on-call doctor will be available to address your concerns. Please call 203-661-2440.  Stay warm and safe!