Best of Both Worlds

Children’s Medical Group Embraces technology While Adhering to Tried and True Traditional Care.


With the world entrenched in a seemingly all encompassing technological revolution, it will come as reassuring news to parents in Fairfield and Westchester counties that a traditional brand of pediatric medicine is still being practiced close to home.


This is not to say that Steven L. Schiz, MD, and fellow managing partner David A. Hendrick, MD, of Children’s Medical Group of Greenwich, have eschewed the latest technological advancements. As treatment and management tools. However, Dr Schiz is quick to point out that while technology is crucial; there is no substitute for the kind of hands on medicine that he and his colleagues have practiced for over 30 years at Children’s Medical Group.  He and Dr. Hedrick are joined at Children’s Medical Group by Loretta Cody MD; Katherine Mini, MD; and Jeffrey Bobrowitz, MD.

Children’s Medical Group has been part of the CWPW family of practices since November 2012. Patients from birth to age 21 present unique challenges at every age. “Seeing a two-week-old one moment and a 21 year-old the next is really gratifying,”Dr. Schiz exclaims. “The Medical part really is a lot of fun.” Continuity of care with an individual creates a special relationship throughout childhood. The hands-on medicine that Dr. Schiz and his colleagues provide runs that gamut. From caring for everyday bumps and bruises and childhood infections to influenza, asthma and myriad of illnesses. “The Heart and soul of what we do is pretty much the same as it has been for the past 30 years, “Dr. Schiz explains. “We pride ourselves on our good medical skills, good clinical skills, and good people skills-making families feel better, “Dr. Schiz says.  “We’re dedicated to diagnosing and treating our patients and solving their health problems and,  hopefully, ensuring that our patients state of art medicine, with a generous dose of TLC. By all accounts Dr. Schiz and his colleagues have succeeded on all fronts.


At Children’s Medical Group, part of keeping patients healthy is making sure that doctors and parents have all the information that they need.  This is where the integration of Electronic Medical Records, or EMR, has proven so helpful.  Adopted at CWPW nearly three years ago, EMR links all practices and provides essential information to physicians and office staff.  EMR has proven to be a significant step in streamlining the flow of data while saving time to allow physicians to focus on treating patients.


Dr. Schiz adds that the practice has also integrated additional software programs that have greatly enhanced office management, patient screening and scheduling.  The Child Health and Development Interactive System, or CHADIS, is totally confidential and allows parents to complete essential information about their child’s health and send it to the practice prior to an office visit.  It includes developmental assessment and diagnostic screening, permitting Dr. Schiz and his colleagues to get a heads up on the child’s health, or parental concerns, before an exam.  CHADIS is also helpful in diagnosing developmental problems and delays which benefit from early detection and treatment Dr. Schiz points out that the CHADIS system serves as an important tool in providing valuable developmental information that he and his team can rely on in spotting autism early.


Electronic e-prescribing is also part of the practice, Dr. Schiz explains. “Prescriptions can now be sent directly to the pharmacy automatically,” he says.  “It really reduces the possibility of errors.  I can see a child with an ear infection at 8:00am,  and the medicine gets filled right away. (It’s a very good thing, indeed.”)


Diagnosing eyesight issues in young children has always been a challenge for physicians, Dr. Sciz notes.  That’s why the Group has recently incorporated the Spot Vision Screener into its diagnostic array.  The portable, handheld device helps physicians detect vision problems in babies as young as six months of age.   “Previously, unless there was a real obvious imbalance in the eye, some vision issues would go undetected, “ Dr. Schiz explains.  “The Spot Vision allows is to screen for vision problems in very young babies.”


Pediatric health issues such as food allergies and asthma are constantly on the radar for Dr. Schiz and his colleagues.  EMR and computerization have proven invaluable in providing up to the minute information for physicians, and for parents. “We’re a general practice, not subspecialists, but our ability to keep kids out of the hospital is alot better today than it was years ago, “ Dr. Schiz says.


Dispensing the kind of medicine that Children’s Medical Group provides involves dedication from all levels.  Dr. Schiz credits his colleagues and his office staff with keeping the practice running smoothly-and keeping patients and their families healthy and happy.  “We have a really nice group; it makes my day a lot easier, “he says.  “We’re a well-established practice; we’re all certified and recertified.  Keeping children healthy is always our top priority.”


HC Children’s Medical Group Of Greenwich-Steven Schiz, MD


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